Effortless Credentialing at Schools

Colleges and universities are constantly striving to create a more cohesive and seamless experience for their students. It is part of the reason they can get away with charging so much for tuition.

One of the ways that higher education institutions are making changes is in the tools students can use to display their credentials. There was a time when students only had their student ID as their way of proving they were a student.

Using a Student ID on Campus

A student ID is the main tool at a student’s disposal for getting around campus, in so many ways. When you live on a campus that has both academic and residential buildings, these will allow entry at specific hours and to certain people.

You must scan your student ID anytime you are entering a residential building, and you must have access to that building to get inside. The same is true for some classroom buildings.

The Inconvenience of Lost IDs

That is why students losing their ID was such an issue, as they would no longer be able to get inside various buildings. The good news is such an outdated process can be revamped using the mobile accreditation wallet.

Mobile accreditation means that you can have an app on your smartphone where you login, and you have access to your entire student credentials. It shows you how much money is in your dining balance, how many dollars or points you have available, and you can access your barcode to scan at various locations.

Making Campus Life Simpler

mobile accreditation wallet

Students no longer have to carry around an ID everywhere they are going. Those who do not want to bring their wallet when they are going to the dining area or attending class can now use their phone to access buildings and pay for their meal.

Using mobile accreditation is a safe and convenient way for students to prove their credentials, as opposed to a physical student ID card.